What happens when it rains on the phoenix's rebirth? Really enjoyed this poem by R.B. Lemberg, "Firebird, Stormbird".


A thing I've been doing lately is making collage poems from random Wikipedia pages. It's a pretty fun exercise


Passing along a call for submissions: an anthology of bi+ poetry is accepting submissions until May 31. They're looking for poems exploring a theme of "in-between" by bi+ poets (bi+ being broadly defined, and including questioning & closeted people).

"The poems you submit don’t have to be about being bi+ at all – they don’t even have to be about identity. They might explore liminal spaces, ecological edgelands, code-switching, or crossing borders of any kind (be they geographical, racial, culture, gender, class, or of the body). As long as your work responds to the idea of ‘in-between’ and you’re bi+, it’s welcome."


a delightful and cozy poem called "The Witch Makes Her To-Do List" by Theodora Goss.