This is a really really good story: "Construction Sacrifice" by Bogi Takács.

"There’s dysphoria, and then there’s turning into a mid-size city."

this morning's reading: The Fall by Jordan Chase-Young, an eerie short story about the moon that made me think of that post that's like "o hey u guys are back early" "moon's haunted"

Really enjoyed this story, "Zeta-Epsilon" by Isabel J. Kim. It's about a ship AI + human cyborg, and I particularly liked how the backstory of the AI's development draws from the sorts of issues that tend to occur with current, real-life forms of machine learning:

"The function was: get from here to there. How to get from here to there? Blow up the ship here and its component molecules will end up there. The function was: get from here to there, but do not destroy the ship. How can the ship pass through a minefield when the fuel will run out if the ship goes around? It’s possible: burst fuel in a single acceleration and let the ship drift for two decades. The function was: get from here to there, do not destroy the ship, and bring the crew back alive. How to bring the crew across solar systems and back with net-zero loss of life? Replace any dead crew with new crewmembers taken from the enemy during skirmishes."

Really enjoyed this short sci-fi story about Jesuits on the moon: "The Father Provincial of Mare Imbrium" by E. Lily Yu

a delightful and cozy poem called "The Witch Makes Her To-Do List" by Theodora Goss.

Enjoyed this story, "In the Deep Woods; The Light Is Different There" by Seanan McGuire. I've been recommended her books but haven't read any of them yet, and this story makes me think I should really get on that. It's just full of excellent sentences, such as:

"She moved here for a haunting, and, even if the house refuses to be haunted, she fully intends to be."

Enjoyed this horror story in the form of a rejection letter from a SFF magazine: "Concerning Your Recent Submission to Beyond the Edge of Reason" by Alexandra Erin

(it's on patreon, but not paywalled)

Great short story, about a Groundhog-Day-ish curse: "missed connections - Central square today around 930" by Jess Cameron.