Story of the day: "The Hole in the Garden" by Gene Doucette. A bedtime story about a black hole that develops in a man's flower garden.

Catching up on some fiction reading on the train and just finished a really good story: "The Music of the Siphorophenes" by C.L. Polk.

I learned a new word from it as well! Ansible: a faster-than-light communication device

This morning's reading: "The Greatest Home Run in Baseball History" by P H Lee. Asking the important questions, like, what if people used time travel to cheat at baseball?

Just read and enjoyed this new short story, "Better Living Through Algorithms" by Naomi Kritzer. (There's an audio version too!)

Really enjoyed this story, "Zeta-Epsilon" by Isabel J. Kim. It's about a ship AI + human cyborg, and I particularly liked how the backstory of the AI's development draws from the sorts of issues that tend to occur with current, real-life forms of machine learning:

"The function was: get from here to there. How to get from here to there? Blow up the ship here and its component molecules will end up there. The function was: get from here to there, but do not destroy the ship. How can the ship pass through a minefield when the fuel will run out if the ship goes around? It’s possible: burst fuel in a single acceleration and let the ship drift for two decades. The function was: get from here to there, do not destroy the ship, and bring the crew back alive. How to bring the crew across solar systems and back with net-zero loss of life? Replace any dead crew with new crewmembers taken from the enemy during skirmishes."